Even MORE new colors! CeCe Caldwell Loomis Eggplant and Philadelphia Parchment

Even MORE new colors! CeCe Caldwell Loomis Eggplant and Philadelphia Parchment

The pace of new color intros for CeCe CeCe Caldwell's Paints has been pretty brisk, with four new colors in the last month. Today, I'm excited to share the latest two colors with you: CeCe Caldwell Loomis Eggplant, and CeCe Caldwell Philadelphia Parchment. 

For you purple fans out there — and those who like purple, but not when it's "too purpley" : ) — I have a really beautiful new color for you. 

Loomis Eggplant

CeCe Caldwell Loomis Eggplant

No matter how you feel about eggplant, you can't deny it's a strikingly beautifuly vegetable. CeCe Caldwell Loomis Eggplant captures this deep, rich purple — with just a whisper of red — making her a fantastic match with a wide palette. I'd call Loomis Eggplant a classy purple, and a bit more refined than her party-all-the-time sister, New Orleans Purple. And even with eggplant right in her name, you'll see right away she's much more than a vegetable color! Just after sunset, you'll find her hiding somewhere between the darkening blue of the sky and the dark gray of the earth. Or brushed hazily in the distance at sunrise, giving the "purple mountains" their majesty. You'll love what she brings to your project.

Philadelphia Parchment

CeCe Caldwell Philadelphia Parchment

Parchment is unique. It's not quite white and not quite yellow. It suggests a little earth tone, but stands firmly in the neutral category, too. If you're looking for a color that makes your project stand off from a white wall, but not leap into the room and sing "Louie Louie," CeCe Caldwell Philadelphia Parchment is a reasonable choice. With it's "warm white" or "muted yellow" feel, parchment is a little less buttery than Johnston Daffodil, and a little darker than Vintage White

So, for those of you following along, CeCe has now officially launched six new colors, including:

Las Vegas Fuchsia

Windsor Blue

French Quarter Gray

Duck Blue (named after Duck, Alabama I recently discovered)

Loomis Eggplant, and

Philadelphia Parchment

Some really fun new colors for you try out for your next project. Oh, and like all CeCe Caldwell Paints, all the new colors are all-natural, have no VOCs or paint odors, and are safe around people with kids, pets, or crazy allergies (not that I know anything about that!)

Tell me what you think of all the new colors in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!