My New Paint Shed

My New Paint Shed

Early last year, I found myself dreaming, longing to have a retreat—a work space, a place I can go to paint, create, read, reflect and just ... be. I started saving for it, and finally it is a reality. I have a big family and my husband and I both work from home. As you might expect, I rarely have a moment when I'm alone. My 4 kids range in age from 14 to my youngest at 6. I told them Mommy was getting her own play house in the backyard.

Glitterfarm Paint Shed

Isn't she cute?! I lovingly call her "The Shed." She's a 10' x 10' work space in my own back yard.

I've been reading a lot about the "tiny house" craze, and if you follow me on Facebook, you know I adore vintage trailers. So, when I started thinking about what my space would look like, there were some basics I definitely needed. First, I wanted something that looked cute, a space that would work for me. I needed light. Lots of light. I wanted to use reclaimed materials as much as possible. 

I found A Place to Grow recycled greenhouses here locally, and felt like Dana O'Brien, the owner, really got me and what I wanted for my space. She encouraged me to search out materials that spoke to me.

I gathered tin from a friend in Northern California that she found laying in a field near her house. She also had a pair of French doors in her barn that would be perfect! Dana had lots of recycled fence wood.

In the space where the shed would stand, Mr. Glitterfarm and I had an old leaning (slightly scary) pergola. After we took it down, I liked the weathered chippy-paint posts, so we added them to the materials list.


Jenny Karp waiting for the paint shed install

Here's the location, former home of our pergola, enjoying new life in The Shed. (I'm trying to hide my boring back fence with recycled pickets : ) 

I discovered some windows at a friend's vintage shop, and learned they'd been stored for more than 50 years in a Central coast barn. So, even though they're old, they look brand new because they were never installed. How cool is that?! I love recycling.  

Using all the recycled materials I found, along with some new wood, Dana designed the whole thing, and just before Christmas, she and her crew came and set up The Shed. She'd built it all first at her shop, and then they brought it to my backyard in panels, attaching them, stabilizing them, and then adding the roof. 

Dana from A Place To Grow Recycled Greenhouses and Jenny set up Wall 1

Wall #1. Recycled window, tin, and the white posts are from the pergola. 

The "A Place to Grow" recycled Greenhouses team sets up the rest of the shed

The other 3 walls went up really quick. You can see the rest of the windows including two in the front I picked up at a local yard sale!

Jenny paints the eaves with CeCe Caldwell Simply White

This is me trying to paint and balance on the ladder without falling!

The ceiling is made from tinted corrugated plastic. Combined with the windows and the French doors, I get the maximum amount of natural light inside. 

Corrugated tin, with just the right amount of rust!

I still have a lot of work to do before I can move in. First I'm focusing on painting all the new wood to protect it. I'm starting with Cece Caldwell's Simply White, and haven't quite decided on all the colors yet. 

Sunny Bright Palette: CeCe Caldwell Carolina Sun Yellow, Springhill Green, Simply White, and Thomasville Teal

Using CeCe Caldwell's Simply White as a base, with Carolina Sun Yellow, Spring Hill Green, and Thomasville Teal accents.

This week, I'm finishing painting the raw wood and trying to figure out colors. I created a Pinterest inspiration board to help me decide. I want my space to be bright and happy, so, I'm thinking of a happy palette, made up of CeCe Caldwell's Springhill Green, Carolina Sun Yellow, and Thomasville Teal. I'm also looking at creating a custom-made turquoise, using a combination of CeCe Caldwell colors (I will post the recipe when I get it just right!).

I'll keep blogging on progress. Next up will be painting the windows and doors, and Mr. Glitterfarm will install a floated floor so I won't stand on the cold bricks when I'm creating. 


UPDATE #1: Used a cool distressing technique to make the new wood on my shed look old like all the recycled wood. Check it out here.

UPDATE #2: My shed was just featured in a new book on "She Sheds!" Check it out here.