[Video] How to Protect Painted Furniture with CeCe Caldwell Clear Coats

[Video] How to Protect Painted Furniture with CeCe Caldwell Clear Coats

If you're painting furniture with CeCe Caldwell Paints (or really any chalky finish paint), you'll need to protect your finish with a clear coat. Otherwise, handling and spills from everyday use will stain your finish. A clear coat seals the paint and protects it from drips and wear.

Everything You Need To Know About Clear Coats in 4.5 minutes

In this video, I cover the differences between CeCe Caldwell Endurance, Satin, and Flat Matte, and show you how to get started, the brush to use, and how to apply your finish, all in under 5 minutes. 

I'd love to know what you think, and if you have other questions, just ask them in the comments. I've added a list of products used in the video below.

Happy painting!

xoxo Jenny

Sealed with CeCe Caldwell's Endurance, the left half of the board is protected against a salad dressing spill, just like your dining room table would be. 

Clear Coats Used In This Video

Endurance: http://shop.glitterfarm.com/cece-caldwell-endurance-finish/

Satin Finish: http://shop.glitterfarm.com/cece-caldwell-satin-finish/

Flat Matte: http://shop.glitterfarm.com/cece-caldwell-flat-matte-finish/

[Special!] Clear Coat Explorer Kit: 

Brushes Mentioned In This Video

MeritPro Merit Max (1 size): http://shop.glitterfarm.com/meritpro-merit-max-2-inch-smooth-finish-brush/

Torrington Finish Brush (2 sizes): http://shop.glitterfarm.com/torrington-finish-brush/