CeCe Caldwell Stain in Kukui (espresso), Half Liter and Sampler Sizes CeCe Caldwell Stain in Savannah Kukui (espresso), Half Liter and Sampler Sizes On Sale
CeCe Caldwell Stain in Kukui (espresso), Half Liter and Sampler Sizes CeCe Caldwell Stain in Savannah Kukui (espresso), Half Liter and Sampler Sizes
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CeCe Caldwell Natural Stain and Finish (Kukui)

size: 2.25 W × 2.50 H × 2.25 L
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CeCe Caldwell's Natural Stain in Kukui combines the richness of a classic espresso-colored stain, with the durability of a hard, clear finish. This all-in-one product is super easy to use, and saves you both application and dry time, by blending stain and finish into one.

Kukui is the darkest of CeCe Caldwell Stains, and its espresso tones give you the deep, dark brown tones of modern designer furniture. Additional coats take your piece even darker, and you can achieve a near-black finish if that's your thing.

If you've used stains before, one of the first things you'll notice when you try CeCe Caldwell Stain is NO STINKY SMELL! Regular stains are loaded with VOCs, where CeCe's have almost none, and so no scent. These are some of the few eco-friendly stains available, and are safe to use around family and pets (you can even use them indoors). They're also water-based, so clean up is a snap.

While CeCe Caldwell Stain + Finish includes a great sealer, you can get an even more durable seal and/or a shinier finish with a top coat of CeCe Caldwell Endurance Finish. (also a low-VOC, water-based product with no odor and great durability).

IMPORTANT: CeCe's stains tend to settle during shipping so be sure to stir (not shake!) the product. This ensures you'll be applying the full product when you paint it on your work. Instructions for all her products are here

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Cece or Annie?

CeCe Caldwell paint is better, and more earth-friendly, than the other brands of chalk/clay paint. Her safe, no-VOC paint matches and often exceeds the quality of competitors. Choosing between CeCe and Annie? Here's some info.



Why choose CeCe Caldwell paint?

Safe for you and your family! CeCe Caldwell paints are non-toxic, contain NO VOCs (volatile organic compounds), no latex or acrylics, are odor free and safe to use indoors around children and pets. Water-based clean up.

How much will it cover? Samplers include paint for a medium-sized kitchen chair, nightstand, end table, or foot stool. Quarts will cover 150 square feet, about enough for a large dresser.



Shipping Details

Any mix of paint or finish samplers in any quantity ship Priority Mail for a flat $10. When you order quarts, you can order a dozen or more Samplers for no extra shipping. Brushes ship free.  


 (Need more than 8 quarts? Here's the full shipping table.)


IMPORTANT: Color shown is the closest, on-screen representation of the paint color described. Due to differences in computer screens and color display technology, the color you see on-screen may vary from the actual paint color. Your final color will also vary by lighting, surface texture, finishes used, and your specific application.


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