People always ask me: "How does CeCe Caldwell compare to Annie Sloan* and other brands of furniture paint?" 

First, I always tell people I'm biased (I sell CeCe Caldwell paint, afterall! : ) Both brands are quality paints, no question, great for all manner of furniture painting. But, here's what really made U.S.-based CeCe my pick:

Why I chose CeCe Over Annie

1. CeCe is easy! You just start painting; no sanding, no priming, no prep, and 36 fun colors and finishes that don't require a master's degree to use properly. If you can put on lotion, you can paint with CeCe! 

2. CeCe is safe! This is the biggest one. Just take a peek at the paint labels:  




Yikes! But it's paint, right? Isn't it supposed to be harmful? Here's the CeCe Caldwell paint label: 


No scary stuff, and she even includes the ingredients on the can! Who else does that on paint?


What about the finishes? Compare CeCe Caldwell to Annie Sloan* wax labels:


Crazy, huh? If you want to paint near kids or pets (or just indoors!), or if you have allergies or skin sensitivities, CeCe is really your only choice. (Plus, with those ingredients, I bet CeCe's waxes could even help my cuticles  : ) 


That's it. When I compare CeCe Caldwell to Annie Sloan* paint, I choose CeCe Caldwell paint every time. I love the color choices, and I don't worry if I get some on my fingers. Plus, no fumes to drive my family outside when I paint indoors ( happens). 


If you've tried Annie, you've got to try CeCe for yourself. See if it's not the most fun you've ever had painting : )


P. S. If you want the official numbers on CeCe Caldwell paints, take a look at her Materials Safety Data Sheet here


* Glitterfarm does not sell or distribute Chalk Paint®, nor is it affiliated with Annie Sloan Interiors Ltd., owner of the registered trademark Chalk Paint®.