Five pair of Glitterfarm vinyl gloves, perfect for protecting your hands from stain, paint and more. They have a comfortable but not-too-snug fit, and they contain zero latex, if that's something you're allergic to. On Sale
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Vinyl Glitterfarm Project Gloves (5 pair)

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Getting paint on your hands -- OK, and sometimes in your hair -- is part of the fun of painting! But I discovered pretty quickly that if you use CeCe Caldwell Stains, it takes quite a bit longer for that color to come off your hands. Yes, I've had to explain why my hands are so much more "tan" than the rest of me : )

The solution? My Glitterfarm Vinyl gloves. I picked these specific gloves for my customers for a bunch of reasons. First, they protect your hands from whatever you're doing to get messy. Second, they're not latex, so having a less snug fit is personally a lot more comfortable. Third, they're vinyl, so if you have latex allergies, these gloves are a good alternative. And lastly, they come in Medium! I have tiny hands and have often found the gloves I can buy are huge on my hands. 

This pack includes 5 pairs of gloves and are a great fit for most women's hands. 

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